We thrive in a multitude of environments from; spacial, interior and shop-in-shop design to branding, brand activation & execution, guerrilla marketing  and space travel. Whether your brand is firmly rooted or only just sprouting, we're here to provide the support and knowhow to get it blossoming.

We will open the Door to the future of your brand.... See what we did there ;)


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I see how everything comes together. Sometimes I’m in the middle of something and suddenly the dots connect. I start calling everyone, I see the whole concept in front of my eyes. I can hardly curb my enthusiasm; I want everything to fall into place as soon as possible. So, I’m also the one who keeps track on how everyone is doing. I’ve learned to listen to my gut. I love to build a complete brand from scratch, creating something that didn’t exist before. You must think hard to make everything fit exactly. We’re brand curators, we take out the bullshit and purify your brand.


I am open to whatever comes my way. I provide a listening ear and keep an overview of what needs to be done. Though I’m a philosopher, I’m quite practical. I build and sometimes think out loud. Bas comes up with crazy ideas. I look at the practical feasibility of his designs. If we figure that out, we create new universes together.


Finally I work in an office! This has never happened to me before. I now have other friends beside my computer. As a designer I worked sitting behind a screen most of the time, but now I have actual colleagues and I really like it. I can laugh at people, I love office culture. Besides laughing and drinking tea I also am the technical creative director. I’m not the bossy boss kind, so it’s really more something that happens organically. In the end I’m responsible for what happens creatively. I like the details, bring the material together, but I hate perfection. Perfection is the death to every creative design. Perfection is boring

interview by Clarissa van Deventer

"I hate schools and offices and Open the Door works in an old school they turned into an office. This will be my lucky day, talking to three crazy entrepreneurs to find out what they do."